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with scientific enterprise management, stable product quality, and an honest and trustworthy attitude, far east holding group co., ltd. has in recent years consecutively been awarded the "brand value certificate 2017", "china manufacturing top 500", "china's top 500 private enterprises", "top 100 chinese brands", "best employer", "leading manufacturing enterprise among international multinational corporations 2015", "national customer satisfaction enterprise", "top 500 asian brands", "top ten famous and competitive trademarks of china's power equipment industry," and many other honors. with all kinds of its products sold well across the country and certain products exported to countries and regions such as asia, the americas, europe, and so on, the group enjoys a good market reputation.

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  • top 10 influential brands in asia

  • top 500 brands in asia

  • certificate of brand value 2019

  • the winner of the top 10 competitiveness enterprises of 2019...

  • the certificate of brand value data research

  • "china's manufacturing 500" certificate

  • top 100 brand in china

  • best employer enterprise

  • china top 500 private enterprises

  • national electric power equipment industry, the most competi...




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