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    as is said by famous norwegian dramatist henrik ibsen: "the society is like a boat, everyone should be prepared to take the helm". similarly, a country's economic development is inseparable from the participation of all its people and enterprises.

    working together to promote the "belt and road" initiative

    recently, belt and road forum for international cooperation themed "strengthen international cooperation, jointly build 'belt and road' and 'achieve win-win development'" was successfully concluded in beijing national convention center, raising the attention of the world. from the point of macro domestic environment, "belt and road" is a major economic development initiative whose smooth implementation need the active cooperation of various industries in the country.

    four years ago, president xi jinping proposed the "belt and road" initiative. countries along belt and road witnessed continuously deepened policy communication, strengthened facility interconnection, improved trade flow, expanded financial services and strengthened connected hearts. according to professional analysis, "belt and road" as china's major initiative of economic development aims to continue to improve "going out" development strategy after reform and opening up and achieve further win-win cooperation with countries along belt and road, thus forming a comprehensive pattern of opening up.

    laying a solid foundation and promoting the development of infrastructure construction at home and abroad

    with the deepened implementation of "belt and road", far east holding group founded in 1985 not only actively improves domestic industrial layout, but also vigorously promotes its internationalization process. far east fully opens up overseas markets, gradually accumulate important strategic customers such as ge and siemens, and exert influence on "belt and road" countries through these customers.

    in order to adapt to market changes, far east smarter energy co., ltd. (shortened as smarter energy, stock code: 600869) focuses on intelligent energy and intelligent city system service provider to conduct industrial layout and development. it constantly blazes new trails, changes traditional industry models, develop high-end intelligent equipment, develops high-end intelligent products in uhv and smart grid, clean energy, green building, high-end equipment and defense equipment, intelligent transportation and other areas based on the needs of the market, and changes its name from far east cable co., ltd. to far east smarter energy co., ltd.

    it is understood that far east has enjoyed over 10 years of strategic cooperation with local philippines partners and provides a strong guarantee for the normal operation of the philippine power system. as a wind power cable provider, smarter energy participated in wind power projects together with gold wind technology in thailand, india and other countries. it also works with acciona energy to export wind power cables to vietnam.

    as a provider of ultrahigh-voltage cables, wisdom energy undertook related bangladesh power plant projects together with china national machinery import & export co., ltd., participated in bali island coal-fired power plant project in cooperation with china huadian cooperation, and cooperated with china national materials co., ltd. in cement plant project in saudi arabia...

    wire products of far east smarter grid will soon be put into use for changji - guquan ± 1100kv uhvdc transmission project. the project is a uhv transmission project with the world's highest voltage level, largest transmission capacity, farthest transmission distance and most advanced level of technology.

    seeking bold "going out" and coordinate with the "belt and road" in multiple fields

    founder, board chairman and party secretary of far east holding group jiang xipei pointed out that the implementation of "belt and road" and acceleration of international capacity cooperation, the "going out" of chinese enterprises would enter a new stage of development. "far east adheres to combined inner and outer development and continues to contribute to intelligent energy and city on the basis of original industries. at the same time, far east will keep a foothold on its positioning as 'global investment management expert' to seek quality targets on a global perspective, focus on intelligent energy, health, consumption, food and beverage, cultural industries, advanced manufacturing, industrial automation, tmt and other fields, and further optimize global resource allocation. "

    at present, the "belt and road" initiative has become the model of china promoting new economic globalization and a new and important platform mechanism for regional cooperation. but far east holding group is not limited to hardware advantages, it is gradually set a new benchmark for the industry in service sector. according to jiang xipei, the far east holding group will cooperate with "belt and road" in multiple fields, put into use its technologies and industry capacity in planning and design, intelligent product supply, epc general contracting, energy efficiency management and other areas based on its advantages, such as of, radiation, make its due contributions in promoting the "belt and road" initiative.

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