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    on april 28, china industry revitalization summit was opened in beijing. this summit was a program produced by cctv finance channel sparing no efforts and is to be broadcasted in dialogue program of cctv at 21:50, may 7.

    the country prospers when the industry prospers. 2017 is the first year of china’s revitalizing the real economy. revitalizing the real economy has been listed as an important part of the economic work of the central government for this year.

    against this background, cctv finance channel launched the activity of speak for china’s industry, its blockbuster plan of the year. the activity was launched on february 16. 50 chinese industrial leaders were invited to speak for china’s industry and to visit the cradle of industry to find out the nature and origin of china’s industry and reveal their feelings, thus contributing wisdom and thoughts concerning china’s industry. the activity was first held in shenyang, then beijing, chengdu, wuxi and shanghai. the whole journey focuses on the power for the development of china’s industry and received the whole society’s attention towards industry.

    miao wei, the minister of ministry of industry and information technology of the people’s republic of china said in the conference the real economy is the foundation underlying all our efforts to build the country. as a great power, china must make the real economy stronger. xiao yaqing, the director of state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council (sasac) said that sate-owned enterprises, especially central enterprises should be a pioneer and model in focusing on the real economy. central enterprises have accomplished world-level achievements in fields including major projects, high-speed rail, spaceflight and nuclear power. qi zhuquan, the director of cctv finance channel said in the summit that they hosted these series of activities to respond to the decision and deployment of the party central committee, publicize the development of china’s industry and appeal to chinese doers.

    in the conference, liu chuanzhi, the founder of lenove group, zong qinghou, president of hangzhou wahaha group, don mingzhu, president of gree electric appliances, liu yonghao, president of new hope group, zheng yonggang, board chairman of shanshan corporation, song xin, president of china national gold group corporation, zhou zhiliang, president of china railway signal & communication corp, wang hongqian, general manager of china nonferrous metal industry’s foreign engineering and construction co., ltd., ren hongbin, president of china national machinery industry corporation, wang min, president of xcmg, song hailiang, president of zpmc, jiang xipei, board chairman of far east holding group, qu daokui, president of siasun robot & automation co., ltd, yu dehai, president of dalian gona technology group co., ltd., mu yankui, vice-president and coo of yihai kerry group and other chinese industrial leaders appeared together, spoke for china’s industry and analyzed the industry.

    it’s learned that the traditional and new media will be converged to report the large-scale activity. the whole activity will be broadcast live on the internet and reported as series of combination reports by cctv finance channel, striving to reach a broad consensus among the whole society in supporting the revitalization of china’s industry and offering advice and suggestions to china’s industry.

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