reflections of jiang xipei from the opening ceremony of 19th cpc national congress: make concerted efforts to progress with the party and simultaneously resonate with the country

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  by sina finance: on october 18, the 19th cpc national congress was grandly held in beijing. on behalf of the 18th central committee of the communist party, president xi delivered a speech. jiang xipei of far east holding group co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “far east holding group”) indicated that entrepreneurs are endowed with new mission by the era, which requires them to make concerted efforts to progress with the party and simultaneously resonate with the country.

  details are as follows:

  jiang xipei: make concerted efforts to progress with the party and simultaneously resonate with the country

  the 19th cpc national congress was opened in beijing this morning. this is a great event that will “alter the global context”. as a party member of nearly 30-year standing, i naturally feel a sense of pride from my deep heart. the attention paid to the 19th cpc national congress marks the concern to the development tendency of the country, the care and closeness to the livelihood changes of individuals, and moreover the guidance on strategic development to all enterprises.

  innovation-driven development   simultaneously resonate with the country

  since the national strategy of “innovation-driven development” has been proposed, china has played an increasingly significant role in world innovation map over the past 5 years. innovation is striving to become the new engine of china at the critical history juncture for adjusting the economic structure and changing the mode of growth.

  in the 32-year history of far east holding group, the company consistently makes simultaneous resonance with the country so as to find its foundation and entry point for serving the society. all major decisions and leaping development of far east holding group are the inspiration and opportunity obtained from the conscientious study of the party’s policies and guidelines. the company develops from the production, manufacturing and sales of cables to the current world-leading service provider of smart energy and smart city. we endeavor to be the leader no matter in the new energy lithium battery filed or that of power grid planning and design. the goal of our company is to count as one of the best at least in the field or even in the market segment unless we give up the undertaking.

  at present, the demographic dividend of china has disappeared, and the talent dividend and capital dividend are in process of disappearance. however, the quality dividend, brand dividend, credit dividend and system dividend are emerging. it is particularly critical to seize this rare opportunity.

  under the guidance of the great opportunities brought by the “belt and road” initiative, new electricity reform and the trillion-worthy market of energy internet, far east holding group has provided sustaining products and services for major infrastructure construction projects and key construction and renovation projects of power grid at home and abroad. from the three gorges power transmission project, to shanghai world expo project, shanghai world financial center, hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, and china wenchang spacecraft launch site, jiuquan satellite launch center, aviation projects of “tiangong-2” and “shenzhou xi”, pakistan chashma nuclear power project, guangxi fangchenggang nuclear power plant, qinshan nuclear power plant, tianwan nuclear power plant and hualong one, the intelligent products of far east holding group have been widely applied to multiple fields including intelligent power, intelligent transportation, smart energy and intelligent building, creating the national brand and contributing to the industrial development of china leveraging its excellent quality and integrity.

  entrepreneurs are endowed with new mission

  this is the best era. the central committee of the communist party of china and the state council seeks the structure and layout, looks into the future based on practice, and gathers strength. the unprecedented millennium strategy should be carried forward and forged ahead into the future, so that the great rejuvenation of chinese nation will become reality.

  the opinions of the central committee of the communist party of china and the state council on creating a favorable environment for healthy growth of entrepreneurs and carrying forward entrepreneurial spirit to make their roles better played (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”) issued recently places emphasis on the role entrepreneurs play, and praises the “entrepreneurship”, which encourage and render confidence to all passionate entrepreneurs of ambition. the opinions outlines the core connotation of brilliant entrepreneurship in the new era through three times of mentioning spirits that shall be “carried forward”. the entrepreneurs should strive to perform well their companies and businesses with patriotism and responsibility. the development strategy of company shall be combined with that of the country, and by simultaneously resonating with the country, the company has access to prominence; meanwhile, entrepreneurs shall be dedicated to promoting their enterprises to be the model and example of the industry, making great contribution to the society and country.

  as the speech delivered by general secretary xi jinping in the report of the 19th cpc national congress: “today, it is the high time for chinese nation to approach and realize the goal of great rejuvenation with the utmost confidence and capability, while it doesn’t mean that this goal is easy to achieve just with eagerness and zest”. based on the mission endowed by the era, the reform process of china calls for more outstanding entrepreneurs who dare to shoulder the social responsibility, to inject more vitality into the chinese economy that has entered the reform dilemma.

  touch the sense of gain in co-construction and sharing

  the reputation and mental outlook of entrepreneur is not accomplished overnight. i believe that it is the accumulation in our daily life. keeping the masses and the nation in mind, we should bring our wisdom and capability into full play for the sake of this world, this undertaking and this passion, so that we can pay back people once helped us, the land and country where we grow. adopting the method and thinking for solving social issues, we shall create values and provide better services for wider scope of social groups, and meantime, produce more wealth for our society.

  in the report of the 19th cpc national congress, general secretary xi jinping put forward that it is necessary to guarantee the more sense of gain of all people in co-construction and sharing. since its foundation, far east holding group has adhered to the talent concept of “performance and morality oriented” for 32 years, encouraging staff to serve the company, take what customers think into account and regard what customers require as their own needs, as well as continue to start up business, innovate, create excellence, wealth and benefits, and consciously fulfill their responsibility and energetically make contribution. the company is committed to developing into the world-leading investment management expert and service provider of smart energy and smart city, which endows staff with double pride and is highly respected by the society.

  since its initial stage of pioneering, far east holding group has persevered in helping the disabled and social vulnerable groups, experiencing the development course of simple donations in early stage, the pre-job training of the disabled, the employment offer and support to their entrepreneurship. the education award fund accounting for rmb 120 million is one of the measures taken by far east holding group to support education, and also one of the sustained undertakings in its 32-year history. originating from loving own family, far east holding group expects to further love the country and society, paying more attention to the assistance in the education development of hometown.

  “offering the chair to others and you will be repaid with the chair”. this is what i always say when communicating with my staff. in far east holding group, there exists an unwritten “regulation”, which has nothing to do with business or kpi. it is the following of heart that every employee shall volunteer at least one day a year. many people regard helping others as giving and dedication, while, i consider it is more of the gain which will benefit us. its charm lies in the upgrading of selves while contributing to others.

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