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a harmonious and flexible culture

based on harmony and coupled with flexibility,
we advocate harmonious win-win cooperation, flexibility and innovation.

business partnership

in order to achieve harmony and win-win results, we innovate in a flexible manner by deepening the development of business partner projects and optimizing the equity incentives and long-term stock holding increase schemes for core employees to attract more talents as business partners.

quality and performance oriented

customer-oriented, struggling contributors, dream passion, integrity and pragmatic, innovation and excellence, self-criticism, and spirit of win-win.

strengthen employees' self-discipline and work style every monday, we take the oath of "self-discipline declaration", which contains various aspects such as value concepts, moral qualities, ideological style and working methods, and highlights the connotation of hualing culture.
it is a further interpretation and embodiment of the company's culture of harmony and flexibility.

interactive zone

sweeping attention

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