far east builds new energy-related product matrix

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  new energy vehicles are leading a global green travel revolution, and the driving force behind this revolution is those companies that are constantly innovating and daring to make breakthroughs. far eastern intelligent energy company limited (referred to as: far eastern stock stock code: 600869) breaks the limitations of traditional charging cables and energy storage with the forward-looking concept of "cable storage in one", injecting new vitality into the new energy vehicle industry.

  layout of new energy vehicles with cable product matrix

  not long ago, the ministry of industry and information technology and other eight departments formally issued the "notice on the launch of the first batch of public sector vehicles fully electrified pilot zone". determine beijing, shenzhen, chongqing, chengdu and other 15 cities for this pilot city, and according to the expected goal, in terms of charging and switching infrastructure, more than 700,000 charging piles and 0.78 million switching stations will be built.

  under the policy support, charging infrastructure construction is developing rapidly. aiming at the track and seizing the development opportunity, far eastern cable, a subsidiary of far eastern corporation, has laid out charging cables for new energy vehicles and cable products for charging piles.

  charging cable for new energy vehicles product identification certificate

  in this year's jiangsu province, the department of industry and information technology, organized by the "first half of 2023 far eastern intelligent energy company limited - cable industry new product identification meeting", the far eastern cable developed for new energy vehicles with the american standard lightweight dc high-power charging cable was identified as an international the product adopts high-performance insulation and sheath materials, has good bending performance, and has the characteristics of anti-aging, hydrolysis resistance, oil resistance and cold resistance.

  charging pile cable product certification

  far eastern cable has been developing charging pile cable products since 2014, and has a full range of products and certificates from china, europe (en), the international (iec), the u.s. (ul), etc. it has obtained liquid-cooled charging pile cable product certification issued by tüv rheinland, as well as the "jiangsu province key technology innovation project" and "jiangsu province key promotion and application project". "jiangsu province key promotion and application of new products and new technology projects" and other honors and awards. after a long period of trial production and testing, far eastern cable has successfully developed liquid-cooled high-power charging cables, which can conduct electricity and dissipate heat with coolant at the same time, significantly improving the current-carrying capacity while reducing weight by more than 50%.

  deepening the "cable storage" strategic synergy

  in addition to wind, optical, nuclear and other new energy-related cable products, far eastern shares forward-looking layout of the energy storage business. after putting forward the "cable and storage" strategy, far eastern has deepened the synergistic development, emphasized the innovation of technology research and development, and deepened the cooperation between industry, academia, research and application. far eastern battery, a subsidiary of far eastern corporation, has continued to maintain the vigor of innovation in technology, products and business models, enriching the persity of products in industrial, commercial and electric energy storage scenarios, accelerating the accumulation of technology and transformation of achievements in the field of new energy batteries, and continuously improving core competitiveness.

  mr. xiang jiangfeng speaking at the forum

  at the recent "2023 second china electric vehicle power battery (large core) developers forum", mr. xiang jiangfeng, senior partner of far eastern battery, president of the core research institute, and executive general manager of jiangxi far eastern battery, pointed out that, against the background of the global "dual-carbon" goal, the energy transition process is accelerating. under the background of the global "double carbon" goal, the energy transition process is accelerating, and the new energy revolution is unstoppable. the battery industry, as an important party responsible for and involved in carbon emission reduction, maintains a rapid development momentum in the fields of new energy vehicles and energy storage, etc. as an innovative technology, 46-series large cylindrical batteries have become an important direction for the change of the current lithium industry by virtue of their high specific energy, high multiplicity and high efficiency.

  far east battery has been actively laying out the research and development of 46-series large cylindrical batteries, and the products can be adapted to different chemical systems, including high-nickel ternary silicon system, lithium iron phosphate system and sodium ion battery system. the high-energy material system of high-nickel ternary combined with silicon-based anode can further enhance the energy density of the product, while the composite conductive network technology can improve the charging performance of the product, and further combined with the low-temperature electrolyte technology, the product can be discharged normally in a low-temperature environment.

  in the future, far eastern will rely on strong policy support, continue to increase r&d efforts, focus on the main business, strengthen the industry, and provide customers with timely and ultimate products and services with practical actions, and look forward to multi-party cooperation while jointly contributing to the development of the country's new energy strategy to the power of far eastern!

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