far eastern won the 2024 cso award.

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  esg (environment, social, and governance) is becoming a new trend and engine for global economic development. the year 2023 can be called the year of china’s esg standards as various industries have intensively released related standards, with major companies actively participating and practicing the esg concept.

  the cold of winter has passed, and spring is gradually intensifying.

  the year 2024 has quietly arrived, with everything reviving and full of vitality; we welcome the “2024 cso global sustainable development forum.”

  this is a grand meeting that gathers wisdom and strength, as well as a profound reflection on sustainable development!

  on january 16, the “2024 cso global sustainable development forum,” organized by sim co., csr promotion center and co-hosted by the daily economic news and business tao consulting, was successfully held in shanghai.

  at this forum, far east smart energy co., ltd. (stock name “far east shares,” stock code “600869”) was awarded the 2024 “cso chief sustainability officer” award.

  in addition, morning light shares, far east horizon, envision technology, yihai jiali golden dragon fish, greentown china, h3c group, evonik industrial group, atlas copco china, isoftstone, also received the award.

  leading new thinking, building a new chapter together

  at the conference, dr. peiyuan guo, the chief expert of business tao consulting, delivered a speech emphasizing that enterprises should take active action and prioritize addressing climate change for sustainable development. besides, he also provided some opinions, offering valuable suggestions and guidance for enterprises to confront climate change and achieve sustainable development.

  professor dajian zhu, the director of the institute for sustainable development and management at tongji university, stated that esg will become a crucial driving force for the high-quality development of chinese enterprises, promoting a shift from a zero-sum game of business and public welfare to a value-creating positive-sum game.

  professor lizhiqing, the executive director of the fudan university green finance research center, pointed out that esg regulation in china’s capital market needs to focus on the independence of rating agencies, the transparency of rating basis, and the integrity of rating methods. it is also necessary to improve the rating methods and quality, enhance the comparability of different esg ratings, and coordinate with information disclosure standards.

  additionally, senior executives from various companies shared their strategic layouts and innovative experiences in sustainable development.

  liu tao, partner and general manager of shanghai for business tao consulting, cui xinyu, head of sustainable development at yihai jiali golden dragon fish, li hong, brand pr manager of hello, zhu kangjun of the shanghai global sustainable environmental energy consulting research center, sun jie, cso of envision technology group, chen zidan, cso of morning light stationery, and li fangfei, head of corporate communication asia pacific of evonik industries, participated and shared their experiences.

  moving forward firmly, patiently awaiting the blossoming

  this honor, like a spring breeze on the face, brings warmth and strength.

  it is not only a recognition for far east shares but also an encouragement for far east’s unwavering path to sustainable development.

  for a long time, far east shares has integrated the esg concept into its corporate strategy, practicing its mission of “creating value, serving society.”

  in the smart cable network field, far east shares upholds the ecological environment protection philosophy of “ecology first, green development, energy saving and emission reduction, benefiting society.” its products cover infrastructure construction, power grid construction, new energy, and other fields, not only participating in numerous national key projects but also exporting to countries along the “belt and road.”

  in the field of smart batteries, far east battery, a subsidiary of far east shares, is layouting cylindrical, soft pack, and prismatic core technologies, forming a diversified product matrix. at the same time, far east copper foil is also actively exploring and developing technologies such as composite copper foil and composite aluminum foil.

  in the smart airport field, beijing hang’an, a subsidiary of far east shares with “all-a qualification” in the civil aviation professional engineering field, actively responds to the national “dual carbon” policy, promoting green construction in domestic and international projects to achieve the environmental goals of “saving energy, water, materials, and land.”

  even though it’s still early spring and chilly, the steps of spring are steady and strong.

  in the future, far east shares will continue to practice the esg concept, continuously innovate technology, and drive development.

  let us all wait patiently for the blossoms, looking forward to the vitality and energy that esg brings!

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